The main activity of A.R.E.M consists in the construction of non-genuine, perfectly interchangeable spare parts for ALFA LAVAL, WESTFALIA centrifugal separators and their accessories.
In the sector dedicated to production, each piece is made in a ``workmanlike manner`` with top quality materials, with characteristics and finishes that make them perfectly suitable for their use, with a duration equal to or longer than the original pieces.

Centrifugal separators

A Centrifugal Separator is a machine used to separate two liquids with different densities.
The use of centrifugal force allows for a clear separation of fluids in a short time.


Drums for Centrifugal Separators

Repair and overhaul of drums for centrifugal separators of the brands Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia and others.


Spare parts for separators

The always-ready selection with over 20.000 spare parts in stock in our warehouses covers 90% of our customers’ requests.


Fresh Water Generator

The Fresh Water Generator converts sea water into fresh water by means of vacuum distillation ensuring the supply of pure water that can be used directly for any type of ship service.


Filters and Pumps

Automatic filtering systems used for engine lubricating oil and rotary volumetric pumps used in various naval applications.


Plates and exchangers

We are able to supply the main plates and gaskets in different materials according to customer needs for heaters of different brands.


Control unit

A series of control units are available for both Alfa Laval and GEA Westfalia separators which are perfectly interchangeable with the original ones but extremely cheaper and simpler.


Why choose Arem?

Our manufacturing process is carefully organized: each piece undergoes a rigorous quality control which allows it to be placed on the market with a guarantee of at least six months. The pieces produced by A.R.E.M are tested and checked according to our internal protocol.